July 2015    16" x 20" (inside measurements) includes frame


Great Point Lighthouse is located at the most Northern tip of Nantucket.  Can only get there by 4 wheel drive.  

* Approx. cost for total installation of County Sewers, plumbing, crushing Septic Tank and County fees could be $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 Plus? (more depending on how far it is to hook up to your house.

* Approx. estimate for Monthly use, Sur charge, etc., forever~ after installation of Sewers could be around $100.00 per Month +, forever~.  Septic cost was -0- remember...?

Septic vs. Sewer.  Virtually -0- expense vs. tens of thousands...  A person would have to be NUTS to want to spend all that money... forever!.... in my opinion.

Tiger Woods (Original was 3'x 4 ')   It was stolen enroute to Palm Beach Gallery for consideration Sale to Donald Trump for gallery in his Palm Beach Club home.)

Oil Painting of the Master of Golf ... "ARNOLD PALMER".  I began this painting about a month ago and just finished it today... God bless you Arnold...  He passed away last Sunday...  Original painting

​14" x 11" w/ frame.....  $4,000.00


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The above photo i took on siesta key beach

"Life is really simply beautiful"

​​Recent paintings of "nantucket"...This website is a work in progress...

NANTUCKET HARBOR & YACHTS July 2015​      16" X 20" with frame......  $3,000.00.  I took a photo of this marina while I was in Nantucket and painted it when I got home to Sarasota..  Here it is...!

​BRANT POINT LIGHTHOUSE, NANTUCKET...  16" x 20" including frame....   $2,000.00

JACK NICKLAUS Master's Win using MacGregor Reserve ZT 615 putter

Oil by Carlee.... 16" x 20"